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Dear visitor,

Welcome to the webpage of the Molecular Genetics of Plant-Environment Interactions (Alcazar Lab) at the Department of Biology, Healthcare & Environment of the University of Barcelona.

We're a recently created research group that investigates the adaptation of plants to local environments. We focus on the evolutionary adaptation of plant populations to abiotic and biotic stresses, which are major challenges for plant survival under the current climate change predictions. Derived from our research, we investigate ways for improving stress protection.

For a more detailed view of our research, please have a look at our Research Projects and Scientific Publications sections. You can follow an updated list of our activities and publications in the NEWS section below. For any other enquires, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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1. Disease resistance in plants
We study the evolution of disease Resistance genes and other loci that condition plant immune activation in the model species Arabidopsis thaliana. We make use of natural populations of plants and pathogens to address molecular and evolutionary aspects of pathogen recognition in the wild. At the direct interface between plants and the environment, we study how temperature modulates some NB-LRR triggered plant immune responses.more about

2. Polyamines and abiotic stress tolerance
Polyamines, mainly putrescine, spermidine, spermine and thermospermine are small amines which accumulate in response to abiotic and biotic stress in many plant species. In collaboration with Prof. Tiburcio at UB, we investigate the implications of polyamines in plant stress protection from a genetics and molecular perspective. more about

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Publications 2016
15/03/2016 In Frontiers Plant Sci: GWAS analysis for Arabidopsis guazatine tolerance

22/01/2016 In Plant Cell & Environment:  tSpm triggers salinity tolerance in Arabidopsis

01/02/2016 In Frontiers Plant Sci: Metabolic profiling of atpao4 mutants under dark induced senescence

In press: Drought Stress Tolerance in Relation to Polyamine Metabolism in Plants, book chapter in Springer.


Alcázar Lab work highlighted by the University of Barcelona 20.01.15
Rubén Alcázar research highlighted by the Faculty of Pharmacy at UB, January 2015
Alcázar Lab work highlighted by the Bulletin of the Spanish Society of Plant Physiology, SEFV. January, 2015
PLoS Genet 2014 highlight by Max Planck Institute, Cologne. 11.12.14.
Arabidopsis semidwarfs: the green revolution in nature 02.12.2013. University of Barcelona.
Hybrid plants with over-reactive immune system 17.11.2010. Max Planck Society.

Rubén Alcázar is Ramón y Cajal Researcher at the Department of Natural Products, Plant Biology and Soil Science of the University of Barcelona.

Research in Alcázar Lab is supported by:

  • 7th Framework Programme. Marie Curie Career Integration Grant (DISEASENVIRON, PCIG10-GA-2011-303568) of the European Union.
  • Ramón y Cajal Program (RYC-2011-07847) of the Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (Spain).
  • BFU2013-41337-P grant of the Programa Estatal de Fomento de la Investigación Científica y Técnica de Excelencia (Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad, Spain).