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Dept. Biology, Healthcare & Environment
Section of Plant Physiology
Facultat de Farmàcia, Av. Joan XXIII 27-31
08028 Barcelona, Spain


  • Rubén Alcázar, PI |

RyC researcher at University of Barcelona.

  • Antonio F. Tiburcio, co-PI |

Full Professor at the University of Barcelona.

  • Kostadin E. Atanasov, PhD student

Kostadin comes from Bulgaria. He's studying the signaling components mediating hybrid incompatibility through genetic approaches.
Phone (Lab): ext. 24492

  • Changxin Liu, PhD student

Changxin comes from China. He's studying the molecular basis for the RPP1-SRF3 interaction and how temperature modulates defense.
Phone (Lab): ext. 24492

  • Nazanin Arafaty, PhD student

Nazanin is studying the suppressive effect of temperature on immune signaling. Phone (Lab): ext. 24492

Past members

  • Dr. Liliana Lalaleo

2013-17 PhD in Biotechnology. In our lab, Liliana worked in pathway discovery of aryltetralin lignans in Linum album by proteomic approaches. She successfully defended her PhD in March 2017.

  • Iñigo Aristizabal, Master student

2015-16 Master in Molecular Biotechnology.

  • Ester Murillo, Master student

Master in Molecular Biotechnology 2014-15.

  • Alex Ferrer, summer internship student

Summer 2015 Lab internship.

  • Fredrik Dolfors, summer internship student

Summer 2015, Internship student from Uppsala University (Sweden).
Master student from Uppsala University (Sweden) 2016.

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